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What Our Students Are Saying

My daughter & I have been students at Choi Kwang Do since 2018.  It has been a great opportunity for us to learn something together & have fun at the same time!  The incredible feeling of achieving each new belt on our black belt journey together!

CKD Mallorca is a welcoming Martial Arts School making us feel more like we are part of the Choi Kwang Do Family rather than just students.  Our instructors have been wonderful & it has been a privilege to learn from Helen Dobinson Metcalfe who is not only a super instructor but someone that genuinely cares about her students and their results.

At CKD Mallorca we feel we have learnt so much more than just martial arts but also valuable life skills such as humility, courtesy, confidence, perseverance, discipline & honour & all the time whilst makin lots of new friends along the way!  We can't recommend Choi Kwang Do highly enough!

Joya & Leya Archer

I am so grateful and happy I joined CKD Mallorca 2 years ago, when the school started.  

Helen Dobinson Metcalfe is an amazing and inspiring instructor with lots of knowledge and energy.

Choi Kwang Do not only gives me body strength, endurance and flexibility but also makes me grow mentally.  It simply makes me happy!

It is a privilege to be an assistant instructor and to help spread the joy of Choi!

Michelle Bras

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